The 5 rumors you need to know about the upcoming iPhone 12

    Here are five rumors about the upcoming generation of iPhone, which may include iPhone 12, as well as a Mini, Pro and Pro Max models, soon to be released by Apple.

    The usual September launch of iPhone by Apple has been delayed due to the unusual times we live in. The COVID-19 outbreak has shut down or limited the work capacity of numerous chinese factories, thus creating problems for Apple and its clients. But if you count yourself among those who cannot wait to check on the new series of iPhone, fear not, its launch may come sooner than you think.

    We are here to tell you the rumors you need to know about the new iPhone.

    Name and models

    The first rumor spread by international tech sites such as Cnet is the name of the phones in this series:

    • iPhone 12 Mini – 5.4 inch
    • iPhone 12 – 6.1 inch
    • iPhone 12 Pro – 6.1 inch
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max – 6.7 inch

    So there you have it: four new speculated models with three different screen sizes.

    Release date

    While Apple has not yet confirmed the release date for these models, it is speculated to be sometime around mid-October. Apple has confirmed during an earning call that the launch is delayed by a few weeks from the usual release period in September.

    Jon Prosser, who is a mobile leaker and Front Page Tech host claimed that iPhone 12 might be released during an event on October 12th and available for shipping starting October 19th.

    Other sources such as MacRumors and DigiTimes reported that Apple may launch its new products in several stages. The iPhone models with the 6.1 inch display are to be released first, while the other two variants will come sometime later this year.

    The price might not be as expensive as you think

    The base model of last year’s release, iPhone 11 cost $699 which was $50 cheaper than its predecesor, iPhone XR. Following this trend, Prosser also reported that the price of iPhone 12 might be at $649, iPhone 12 Pro at $999 and iPhone Pro Max at $1099.

    iPhone 12 may have 5G connectivity

    This year will mark the first time Apple will use 5G technology in their products, allowing their new models to connect to 5G networks which are much faster than 4G networks. According to rumors, all the models listed above will have 5G connectivity, therefore faster data speeds.

    Accessories might not be included

    Following up on the cheaper prices rumor, this might be connected to the one that EarPod headphones might be missing in the iPhone 12 box. This would encourage customers to buy the wireless AirPods instead. This is a major change because it would be the first time since the release of iPhone 5 in 2012 when Apple would not include the EarPods in their boxes.

    According to 9to5Mac, the 20 W power adapter might not be included into the box as well and instead, it will be sold as an optional purchase. While this rumor is not the most popular one among the users, we hope that when the release comes, the iPhone 12 box will be fully loaded with both the power adapter and the EarPods.

    Camera specifications

    The release of iPhone X brought into the game 3D depth sensing front-facing cameras. This feature allows the users to scan their faces and use them in the same way as a fingerprint. Therefore with just a look at the camera, you can unlock the phone or authorize a payment.

    The rumor is that for the iPhone 12 series, this technology will be available on the rear camera as well. This feature would improve the augmented reality applications and bring some other camera features to the next level.

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